GLOVM fetishcuteDI


She was last seen in free_chat her ethnicity would be latin and she is streaming in the category fetish. She lives in N/A. Her rating received from users on the platform is 4.50 and she charges 1.99credit per minute.

From 0-9 her stream quality looks like a 5.

She writes this about herself; hello I am a beautiful Colombian girl my name is harley I am a crazy girl and mestaria that you spend a very sexy time with me I have no limits my limits you put them you do not be fooled by this angel face I can play very dirty and daring with you I wait for you In my living room welcome to Colombia.

Turnon: I like wild sex I like hard anal sex and I love being a submissive girl and I like to be beaten my ass until I leave it purple for you want to punish me I will be a good submissive the best you have known.

Turnoff: put my ass in four and give me as hard as if you were riding a mountain.

She speaks english, .

Her appearance on the live stream was , . She has long hair which is brown. Her eyes are brown and it seems that her breastsize looks normal.

She has a list of willingness and does the following things for you on live stream: snapshot, , , , , , , , , , , .

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